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Forerunners conceptualize everything they can

The conceptualization of services, products and processes enables scalability.  With the means of service design and productization, production efficiency is achieved and sales are facilitated.  

By working together on know-how, working methods and the desired customer experience, we get a whole that can be effectively communicated and marketed. Often critical observations are also made during conceptualization and a common understanding is achieved in-house. 

Conceptualization is about goals, resources, decisions and crystallization. You have a goal and resources, we help you make choices and summarize. 

We develop our own and customer concepts. You can also turn to us to apply for an Innovation Voucher!



At the beginning of the conceptualization project, the project's goals and resources are mapped. At this stage, we also get to know the customer's brand and strategy - the new concept is based on them. 

The goals, the budget and the level of the customer's own participation determine the working methods. According to them, a schedule is built for workshops, interviews and studies, as well as for the finished concept. 


The concept is built in cooperation with the customer. Stakeholders, customers and staff are involved as needed.  The processing phase can include building the service path, productization and communication parts. 

Workshops are often rewarding in other ways than from the point of view of the future concept. In particular, the cooperation of employees and partners in the workshops increases the spirit of togetherness and may give rise to completely new ideas, such as the following cooperation projects!

Ready concept

During and after the processing phase, our office pulls the design and findings together. We combine, crystallize and compile the new concept into an easily communicated form - taking into account the customer's comments.


Crystallization is constantly compared critically with goals and strategy, the end result must be uncompromisingly in line with these. 


If the conceptualization is done as a funded project, we also support the customer in its reporting.   


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