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Let's speed up your sales!

Marketing has many tasks:  build a brand image, embody the company's values, show that the company exists and above all - boost sales! High-quality marketing gives the customer reasons to buy and convinces them all the way to the purchase decision. 

The striking look and high-quality materials help you to stand out and connect the exact target group. We spar the purchase path and customer experience, create brand and marketing concepts, make marketing plans and produce marketing materials from websites to social media and print. 


Brand concepts

The brand concept is the core of all marketing. A brand concept that supports the strategy and goals encapsulates the company's values and goals into a whole that enables effective marketing planning and implementation.


A carefully prepared marketing plan is a prerequisite for long-term and effective marketing implementation. The choice of content, publishing pace and channels is deepened into a detailed schedule that can be followed yourself or according to which marketing production can be efficiently outsourced. 


We produce all marketing services, from visuals to homepages and prints. We implement easy-to-maintain and maintenance-free websites on the Wix platform (we are a Legend level Wix partner).

We produce:

  • visuals

  • webpages

  • webstores

  • prints

  • social media materials

  • newsletters


Marketing continuity is an important support for sales. A carefully prepared marketing plan is not enough, the corresponding measures must also be carried out in practice. 

We have already priced a few visibility packages, which will help ensure constant visibility and communication with target groups. The content can be general brand marketing, product or service marketing or responsibility communication. All packages include a marketing plan for the relevant contract period and the listed materials. The use of images and social media updates are agreed separately.

S - regular

Regularity and continuity are the basic conditions for visibility. A monthly newsletter / blog with social media posts keeps the company discoverable. It's also a great way to showcase your expertise.  Posting regularly  helps to get new customers and especially additional sales in existing customers.

  • 1 newsletter / month

  • 4 social media posts / month

M - active

Regular and versatile communication supports the building of an expert brand. In the newsletter / blog, which is delivered every two weeks, know-how can be effectively displayed. More frequent publishing also makes it easier to react to the results. 

  • 2 newsletters / month

  • 4 social media posts / month

L - goal oriented

Active and interactive communication is essential when you want to engage target groups and build purchase paths. Several newsletters / blogs per month enable more precise targeting and continuous development. 

A smaller number of social media posts boosts multi-channel interaction.

  • 4 newsletters / month

  • 8 social media posts / month


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