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Our passion: bringing people together and maximising the value of encounters!

Are you organising an event - big or small? Do you want to make sure you get to the goal and take advantage of the opportunity to go beyond that? Are you wondering how different participants are taken into account as extensively as possible?


Organising an event is often a part of a company’s marketing and it’s always worth your while to harness it to support your other goals as well. Events are a great place for additional sales and identifying developing targets. These are realised most effectively when the goal for them is already set in the planning phase.

We organise events of all sizes from small encounters to big experiences. We work with you and strive for your best. We design, shape, and execute as well as further develop

Event services

Pop up -events

Event and goal planning

Setting the budget

Designing the look and invitations

Project management

Communications (media releases)


Construction an demolition

Gathering feedback

Monitoring and a final report

Tapahtuma portfolio
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