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Presentable marketing materials belong to everyone - including municipal election candidates!

Municipal elections are approaching, how are you planning to get seen?

From us, you can easily get the basic tools for a candidate to bring out their message and themes. With easy-to-use tools, you can update as your campaign progresses, and we'll get you started!

Homepage 290e, incl:

Wishes for the site

Color scheme and style 

Person introduction


Contact information

Connecting the domain

Responsive design (works seamlessly with different devices)

Blog by theme + 150e

Additional topic areas/pages + 50e per topic

Domain acquisition + 35e, incl. 1st year annual fee

(approx. 30e / year, depends on the chosen service provider)

Flyer 1-sided, 4-color 120e, incl:

Color scheme and style

Layout + picture + short introduction + desired text

Printing in a5 size 200 pcs (domestic printing house) 85e + postage

Social media

Setting up and connecting social medias, 50e per account


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Thanks for your message, we'll get back to you soon!

Prices include visual design and technical implementation. Text content and photos are not included in the price. The customer receives full access rights to the material and can edit it if they wish.

Prices include start-up support. Continuing support 55e/h.

The website maintenance cost (120e/year) will be added to the price and will be invoiced annually in the future.

Delivery time: 2 weeks from the delivery of the material, unless otherwise agreed.

Prices include VAT. 24%

Half of the order will be invoiced when the work starts, half when the work is ready for publication.