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Koolle Ltd 's mission is to connect people in new ways, to help entrepeneurs with concrete actions and to create new practices , both in work and private life.  


To celebrate without stress.

People need parties. Family parties, single parties, theme parties and beach parties. By twisting traditions we create new ways to celebrate and by getting people together we create moods to remember.

We create turnkey weddings, birthday parties and theme parties by using services based in ironworks-village Teijo

replacement services

When entrepeneur runs out of time.

By training a stand-in to know Your company's critical routines You can take a day off, have a course or take care of Your own wellbeing. 

Experienced customer servant takes care of Your customers and keeps Your shop open and business running, while You have time for other important things.


Fresh ideas and ability to work through changes.

Does Your business/organization need a storyteller?

Do You need help with a marketing or event project?

Flexible help with projects that burden Your organization.





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