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2 hour concept sparring from 150€ + alv 24%

Complex thinking and the ability to combine, a sales attitude and an unbeatable human understanding - with these we’ll find the direction for your new concept.

Are you starting something new? Still wondering where to start and how to put everything into practise? Do you need coaching and a friend for the journey - someone who looks at your project from a human-centric, sales focused point of view. How to make sure that also the customer understands the importance of your project/product and makes a purchasing decision?


We’ll clarify the goal, identify and limit the target group, commercialise and refine the sales and delivery processes.

We approach concepts from the perspective of human encounters. We’ll gather the team needed for each project and our strong networks help you find just the right people. We’ll help you all the way from planning to launch and marketing as well as monitoring and further development.

We develop our own as well as our customers concepts. You can also come to us for help with applying for an innovation voucher! We're listed as consultants on the Business Finland page.


Platform for wellbeing at work

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Stock Exchange

Household economy concept

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Service concept for quality management

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Art Gallery


Art sales concept

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