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Clarity, efficiency, and atmosphere were always part of a good meeting, and they still are.

Are you renewing your meeting policies? Want to give the important participants the best possible picture of you? Have you already embraced remote and hybrid meetings?


Meetings are an important part of business life and being involved in it. Meetings are a part of all company processes from communications to sales and production. It’s finally time to acknowledge remote participation as a part of smooth working, and it’s important to define how remote and hybrid meetings are taken care of in the future. We’ll help you pick the best tools and create guidance for your own staff, partners, and customers.


Do you want to outsource your meeting arrangements? We’ll handle the meeting policies for you from the invitations to technical execution.

Meeting services (live and online)

Needs assessment

Establishing the budget


Selecting the equipment

Acquiring the equipment

Coordinating the installation

Project management


Practical arrangements

Gathering feedback

Monitoring and developing


Hosting a meeting

Chairing a meeting

Facilitating a meeting

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