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Koolle Oy introduction in finnish

Koolle oy is based on the goal of bringing people together, the ideal of finding new, and the joy of finding solutions.

Are you hosting an event, founding a company, or launching a new service? Are you wondering if the customers can truly see all your potential?

We’ll help you find that interesting point, your own tone, and a natural selling entirety. This way you’ll have the proper tools for sales and processes for redeeming the customer promise.

Our expertise is in connecting people, services, and ideas.

We brainstorm, design, plan, and execute genuine encounters and find added value to the goals set. In addition to a creative approach, we value practicality and make sure that all the needed parts work, even technology.


When you want to create a phenomenon, shape a service, or create a new culture.

When you need websites that are easy to update and look great, and marketing materials that are presentable.

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